Have a question regarding any of our IdeaPaint Products?

What surfaces can IdeaPaint go over?

IdeaPaint can be applied to most sealed, non-porous surfaces. Recommended surfaces include drywall, wood, plastic, metal, aluminum, chalkboard and whiteboard. The IdeaPaint writing surface will only be as smooth as the surface it is applied to and requires the appropriate primer.


Is IdeaPaint environmentally friendly?

IdeaPaint is a low-emission paint certified according to the stringent requirements of UL GREENGUARD Gold.


How long will an IdeaPaint surface last?

Every IdeaPaint installation is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees IdeaPaint will not crack, yellow, or peel. The surface is guaranteed to look just as good in future years as it does when first installed. Please keep in mind that the writing and erasing performance of an IdeaPaint surface is prolonged with proper maintenance and upkeep. Subject to Terms and Conditions.


How can IdeaPaint be removed from the wall?

IdeaPaint never needs to be removed. If an IdeaPaint surface is no longer needed, paint over it similar to any painted wall. Simply sand the surface, prime and then paint.


When will the IdeaPaint surface be ready for use?

IdeaPaint will be ready to initially write on after 7 days. Both writing and erasing performance will improve as the IdeaPaint surface ages, even after the initial cure period.


Can an IdeaPaint surface be touched up?

It is possible to touch up an IdeaPaint surface. The patch may be slightly visible, but it will not affect writing performance.